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Plitvice Lakes

Plitvicka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes, in English) is a municipality (opcina) in central Croatia, in the eastern part of the Lika-Senj county. It is crossed by the ZagrebSplit main road. Its total area is 539.08 km˛. The main town and seat of the municipality is Korenica. Other smaller towns and villages are Bjelopolje, Jezerce, Gornji Vaganac, Licko Petrovo Selo, Plitvice and Smoljanac.

The Plitvice Lakes are located in the area of southeast Europe, in part of Croatia where we go from northern flat land towards a bit more elevated karsted mountain area. The Lakes are situated where Kordun touches Lika

on the hillside of Mala Kapela and Pljesivica.

Beauty of the Plitvice Lakes and of the whole surrounding area had been inaccessible for a long time for nature - admirers (till the end of 19th century), but also to majority of researches. First but poor information
about the flora of the Plitvice Lakes were from that time. A bit more information on the Plitvice Lakes flora is dating back to the middle of 19th century, but all that was still quite insufficient. More detailed researches on

The natural attributes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, uniqueness and sensibiliry of that phenomenon, deserve a full attention of our visitors. Recreational aspect of stay and the amazement with beauty of the area that conquers by its natural diversity and harmony of shapes and colours in any of the seasons, is based on many mutually conditioned natural characteristics.

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and in the valley Ogulinsko - Plascanska dolina, on the very spring of the karst river Korana - at 480 to 636 meters above the sea level,
the low vegetation flora connected to the phenomenon of tavertine barriers creation in the Park's lakes, started in the twenties of this century. Those researches have been continuously going on right till these days, and have contributed to the explanation of travertine creation in our karst.
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